Who are we? We are ABDit!

ABDit is a team of highly energetic individuals that could see something wrong with the current cloud industry. We were not satisified with what other companies offered in service or in breadth of products.

While looking to find our own secure and reliable Australian Hosted Cloud Solutions to create an IT Services Company we found a market that was not customer orientated and needed a kick into the 21st century.

Roughly two years after conception (and many, many coffees) we decided to endeavour to "Plug the gap" and bring cost-effective, efficient and market distrupting products to the Australian customers.

ABDit try to...

Kick Goals

We aim to provide cost-effective, high-uptime and quality cloud based services to our clients. We do so by sourcing the best option for every unique solution and not using a one size fits all approach.

Monitor Efficiently

We try to set ourselves apart from the rest of the IT providers by offering a hollistic and monitored approach to IT. We want to contact you when your service goes offline, not the other way around!

Utilise Skills

To assist our approach to providing the best service in Australian Cloud Solutions, we offer a 24 hour - 7 day a week support service. We aim to be there for you, day or night.

Why choose ABDit?

ABDit aims to offer a premier service to allow collaboration between your team and our trained experts to best select the solution to match your unique requirements.

Rather than spending money unnecessarily, ABDit aim to provide you with the best solution to stretch your dollar further and make your systems run a mile without losing a breath.

ABDit is set apart through its...

  • 24/7 Support Desk to service our clients
  • Smooth transition from conception to completion for all projects
  • Customer Service billing assistance to avoid account downtime
  • Consultation from those in the know