Hosted AeroFS

What is AeroFS?

Your own Private Cloud

With AeroFS you can build your own Private Cloud storage environment. The advanced file synchronisation platform allows you to maintain your data and utilises features such as: LAN Synchronisation, centralised administration and remote wipe capabilities.

With all security, redundancy and backups monitored by ABDit 24/7, you need not

Lower your CAPEX

ABDit are able to provide Hosted AeroFS - with storage scaling to your requirements - in one monthly bill. We are commited to removing the upfront expenditure that can cripple many small startups and creating packages that will provide you a robust alternative to costly onsite hardware.

ABDit Hosted AeroFS Highlights

Why should you pick ABDit Hosted AeroFS for your Private Cloud?

AeroFS files are stored on ABDit's Secure Data Cluster. You maintain control of your files on our hardware with centralized security, administration, and remote wipe capabilities. Files are protected end-to-end in transit with AES 256-bit encryption.

  • In transit 256-bit AES encryption
  • Centralized Security interface for Administrators
  • Easy file sharing permissions
  • On-site QuikSync Appliance available
  • Sizes ranging from 10gb to infinite
  • Smart and secure with 2-Factor Authentication
  • Easy to use web portal for quick use
  • Fully hosted in Australia with no offshore mirrors
  • Available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android & iOS clients

ABDit Hosted AeroFS Redundancy

With ABDit Hosted AeroFS, you can remain comfortable and safe knowing that your data is backed up to ABDit's multiple storage locations within Austrlia.

AeroFS allows for synchronisation between a client machines and a Team Server to store a remote copy of your data. ABDit Hosted AeroFS uses multiple Team Servers to provide a solution with maximum up-time.

Beginging with our two Melbourne hosting locations we aim to bring many more online to provide express data recovery. Our current and planned locations include:

  • Melbourne One
  • Melbourne Two
  • Sydney One (late 2016)
  • Brisbane One (early 2017)
  • Perth One (early 2017)

ABDit Hosted AeroFS Plans

All ABDit Hosted AeroFS Plans are configured specifically to meet your requirements.

After engaging in quoting on storage requirements and provisioing the service, you will be able to select from the additional options as listed below.

On-site QuickSync Appliance

An additional storage appliance for optimal synchronisation and simplified file access. Appliance is offered as a one off purchase or monthly commitment.
Feature set includes:
  • Always synchronising to the cloud to give you fast LAN Synchronisation
  • Simple and smart network available drives
  • Immediate access to your data should your primary storage fail

Quick Recovery Availability

The server geographically closest you is set as your primary synchronisation location. Disaster Recovery plans available allowing for minimal business downtime.
For example:
  1. Your PC HDD fails and you lose data access
  2. You lodge an urgent Data Recovery request
  3. We immediately copy your data to an external drive
  4. We liaise with an express courier for quick delivery
  5. You recieve all your data and can continue working

Need more convincing?

We maintain the infrastructure

Do you ever feel out of depth with IT related equipment or configuration? With ABDit Hosted AeroFS, you can sit back, relax and have peace of mind with 24/7 support.

Simplicity at its best

Have you ever used a product that just isn't quite all there or finished? With ABDit Hosted AeroFS, you are using a tried and trusted product by large worldwide organisations.

Stick your head in the Cloud

Are you interested in ABDit Hosted AeroFS but need to test it out first? We can set you up on a fully functional test environment for ABDit Hosted AeroFS. Ask us today!

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Whitepaper: AeroFS Security

Security is the most important thing we think about when we build new features. At AeroFS, we have created a different kind of collaboration software, one that does not require us to see your data.
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AeroFS is an enterprise file sync and share solution deployed on customers’ infrastructures, allowing companies to keep control of their data while enabling employees to securely collaborate...
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3CX Datasheet

If you are still not convinced by everything we have shown you above that ABDit Hosted 3CX is leading the way towards a fully cloud based VoIP Society, please read the 3CX Datasheet to further understand the infinite benefits of the product.

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