Business SMS Services

Who needs SMS?

Professionals and Organisations

Our SMS Solution is designed for any company or small business. Whether you send 10 SMS a day or 10 SMS a minute, we've got your covered.

Security at it's finest

With security in mind, ABDit have designed an offering aimed at Web Development specialists. We can cater for many coding lanugages and enable you to offer customers a seemless and secure experience.

Alert your cusomters effectively and efficiently

The most frequently checked device is currently your mobile phone. Rather than sending emails or snail mail and risking the message not getting through pick the medium that works!

SMS as a Service

ABDit have designed payment options for SMS as a Service that allow businesses to either pre-purchase SMS credit packs or run a pay as you go system.

Our simple web portal allows for quick and easy tracking and reporting upon usage rates per day or per month. You can keep track of your current SMS credits and buy additional credits whenever and wherever.

Other benefits include:

  • Access to a 24/7 Support Desk
  • Wide range of language integrations to select from
  • Integration experts available to assist
  • Customer Service billing assistance

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The telcos fourth major network outage of the year occurred last Friday and saw 375,000 phone and internet customers across the country unable to get online.
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The company acknowledged that the outage had affected 10 per cent of their internet customers — roughly 370,000 people... from about midday to 4pm.
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Telstra's seventh network outage this year came just 24 hours after chief executive Andy Penn briefed journalists on a $250 million program to improve infrastructure.
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