Managed Wi-Fi Solutions

Benefits of Managed Wi-Fi

The best Wi-Fi available

Fix your guests or customers pain with your current slow Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi drop outs and non-responsive webpage with our custom Wi-Fi Solution.

Monitored and maintained

We provide round-the-clock support and constant monitoring for anything that could impact your service. All Wi-Fi services are routinely checked for functionality and optimised for blistering performance.

Hardware to fit your requirements

The solution provided by ABDit is designed to fit your specific requirement. ABDit will engineer a solution for you that will minimise blackspots and optimise speed.

What do we recommend?

The solution created by ABDit will be unique to fit your requirements based upon size of deployment, your budget and expected usage.

We have carefully selected a range of product offering that cater for users of varied requirements.

This range includes:

  • Cisco Meraki products
  • Ubiquiti products
  • Aruba Network products